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Fiber Optics Installer

Le 08/07/2019

A Fiber Optics Installer is responsible for installing, preparing, and troubleshooting fiber optic cables and systems. The professional designs optical paths and passive optical networks. They have a good understanding of the types of cables, cable color codes, and other cabling techniques. This professional should handle any issues related to the optical fiber install process.

The professional will have an in-depth knowledge of primary specifications and parameters. It is the responsibility of the Fiber Optics Installer to check the newly installed cables. The installer is required to troubleshoot any issues related to fiber optic cables and other networking systems. They are responsible for splicing optical fiber together mechanically or with the help of fusion splicer.

The Fiber Optics Installer terminates and tests the optical fiber with a connector at a piece of equipment. They will have to design the whole fiber optic system and take care of the fiber and cable construction. It is the cable installer who is responsible for installing end connectors. The professionals should have a strong understanding of the factors that affect the fibers.

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